72km.org @ Amsterdam & Belgium

Welcome to Bicycle World

This is the bicycle view of Amsterdam and Belgium. It was a wonderful bell curve of all ages. The outstanding aspect was the courtesy and anticipation of bicyclists to give and take with great accuracy and confidence in traffic mingling. New York automobile has that expectation of how to behave that is similar among so many. Small cities with mixing of rural and urban driving skills do not.


One of the things I saw was children in the front of the bicycle was their exhibition of hard wiring. I saw kids, tots, toddlers lean when the parent made a turn in the street in the correct adjusting direction. I saw kids immediately look in the direction of on coming bicyclists without a surprised or scared face. Being up front rather than in a baby buggy means they can anticipate traffic; they can adjust to the gyroscopic balance of bicycling from an early age.


Enjoy the milieu!