Sunday, March 22, 2020

Last Day before the Stay at Home, Oregon Executive Order 20-12


Snap Photographs along the Esplanade and Springwater Corridor ~ Portland ORegon

Mt Hood on the left; Scottie expression says it all when asked "what's in your future?"

Below: On the way to the Esplanade.

And of course the true blue: Not in My Backyard homeowner....

Above: My entrance to the Esplanade

I couldn't believe the number of families cycling on a Sunday afternoon with Social Distances in place.

And then I kept seeing kids and families everywhere !


Normally, I see individuals on bikes. Or groups of Lycra cyclists who are zooming by in a pseudo peloton unto themselves. It was a delight

to see people relating to one another on bikes. It wasn't the bike, it was the relationship of being active, outdoors,

not completely challenging the social distance.

Below: it is starting to look a lot like the Netherlands.

Friends on a bench, bikes are how they got there and not necessarily the be all and end all.


What a Glorious Day for a bicycle ride.

Photos by A. J. Zelada

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