A long weekend in Davis: I am trying to think just how many miles I have ridden over the years and thinking perhaps 50,000, 80,000...now really sure. Past several years I have been waltzing on wheels about 2500 to 3500 miles a year. Purpose in Davis: complete a League Cycling Instructor status from the League of American Bicyclists.

Flying over Seattle on way to Davis , CA

Sacramento to Davis bus ride is $2.25 one way on the hour. David in blue and yellow, a previous Ph.D at Columbia, below gave great directions on the town's layout and where my motel was.

The class discussed how to teach as well as the content of what to teach: we did a number of drills, e.g. avoiding debris, changing lanes, bike protocols, stopping on a dime, quick right hand turn to avoid a right hand turning driver, proper scanning, hand signals, judgment about lane occupation placement, laws of the road, etc.

Lots of artwork about. The far right bottom row image is a sculpture which is made of a splayed milk jug. Attached are many small things such as lamp sockets, plastic bit, wires, pens, ear bud speaker grills, etc. I met the artist (below far right top row image) while he was putting up another construction on a building across from a coffee shop about 7am. I asked if I could take a photo and he said no; I asked how about from the side or back? He said, for a donation. I took the side profile and then handed him a 5 dollar bill. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a pair of pliers and the jaws accepted the 5 bucks and carefully placed the bill in his coat pocket. He then told me this sculpture on this building had a pen that he found exactly 3 years ago on this very same spot.

The Davis University Arboretum is an incredible community resource for the entire town.

Three examples of wattles:

Snowy, Ovens, and Wyalong

Special thanks to Joshua who showed me this great path within the Davis University Arboretum

Homeward bound from the Sacramento airport.