Welcome to El Salvador 2019

Lots of images here. Enjoy.

I hope you can let go of American prejudices and viewpoints and see these people, lands, intersections of international cultures old and new, the economies of subsistence and privilege, and the whims of the photographer's baggage.

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The Arrival

Southern Rockies south west Utah; Below is entering El Salvador with its vulcan landscapes.


The plane had one of the smoothest landing in a long time.


The blast of heat was a strong armed envelope of hello to 95 degrees and many people awaiting Houston's embarking passengers. The sign Armando Zelada and the driver holding the paper collected me and we were on the road to the black beaches. Ah, the pupusas, the drinks, the coconuts, the chips, the water in plastic containers all pitched their wares to us automobile contents as we sped to the Pacific. I went for a little bike ride...stopping at a previous shop to buy water. The owner remembered me and pointed to the front of her house where her granddaughter was celebrating her 12th birthday.


All was as I had left in 2017.

The Pacific Blues from sky, beach, shoreline, airplane window.

The colors of the welcoming Salvadorians

greet our blurry selves...

After checking in, out on the roadway,

Pan American Highway numero dos (CA-2)

The bar next door providing a bizarre light show on a natural feature, El Tunco and a whiskey fix which promptly putting me on the road to sleep after arising at 330 am.

 And catnapping at 9pm by the Pacific waves...