Cerro El Pital

the North Country &

Highest point in El Salvador

Elevation 2,730 m (8,960 ft) [1]  Coordinates 14°23′00″N 89°07′00″WCoordinates: 14°23′00″N 89°07′00″W [1]

Cerro El Pital is located in El SalvadorCerro in El Salvador on the border with Honduras: Chalatenango, El Salvador -Ocotepeque, Honduras

with the Parent range Sierra Madre

Cerro El Pital is a mountain in Central America, on the border of El Salvador and Honduras.

It is located 12 km (7 mi) from the town of La Palma at a height of 2,730 m (8,957 ft) above sea level, and is the

highest point in Salvadoran territory. Cerro El Pital is in the middle of a cloud forest that has an average annual temperature of 10 °C (50 °F).

We were transported from La Palma to hiked up to the top and then stayed the night in Rio Chiquito.

The Hike: up and down, lots of tree roots, great canopy and no bird sounds...our guide says it is too cold for the birds at this time of year!

The above tree is the

connection to Honduras!