Biking to La Libertad, El Salvador

La Libertad is the major beach town. There is a huge bypass being created that will allow auto/bus travel in 30 minuets to the beaches. There is an irony and a Jane Jacobs moment here. The huge to be fast arterial does what the huge interstates have done in the northern american states: disconnect travel from the surrounding lands. Yes, now it takes twice as long but the subsistence economies of the people that live along the road will disappear just as the small towns along the interstates shriveled, malls replaced downtowns, etc.

A pretty bike all decorated signaled my ascent up to the top of the hills overlooking La Libertad.

The above woman gets some help from her son below to carry their house hold water to their house at the top of La Libertad. I had to walk my bike up this 35+%  grade. And down again....some kind of maturity overtook my sense of safely bicycling up/down. Not bad for an older middle age man.

Another pre teen carrying up water to house above. The top is surrounded by a few single dwelling next door to the trash piles whch burn everything. Occasionally, the air is acrid enough to sting the eyes.