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Some Advice on Traveling by Bicycle in England

As you can see England had 10,000 plus cycling networks which includes different types of trails, sequestered trails and streets. Hadrian Cycleway is Number 72.


As the images depict, we were able to go from the North Sea to the Irish Sea easily and will lots of support from maps, brochures, and local help.

Our trip went as the Romans Did: from East to West:  Reading Left (North Sea) as one goes Westward

Again we traveled from the Right to Left (East to West) ending at the Irish Sea.

Besides phones, we used maps which give a much better scaled distance. Bike maps gave both macro & micro information about intersections.

We traveled at the end of Sept and knew the potential for wet.

Being from Oregon: no problems!


We called a couple of places & determined that we should be able to reserve a place in 1 or two days as it was the off season. That failed only once producing a very long day and pitch black bike riding arriving with help of the BnB.

What I carried

For a 2 week Autumn travel

3 undies

1 shorts

4 socks pr

1 shoe pair

3 t-shirts

2 shirt, short

1 long pants

Rain jacket

3 handkerchiefs


Med kit:  Anti-Choles, ASA, bandaids, anti-acid,

               floss, tooth+, anti-inflam, electrolyte tabs, sew kit


Bike bag


Tools: tire irons, spoke wrench, 2 tubes, air pump, patch kit, compass

Lock-ABUS, knife

Paper notebook, pens

Plastic ties, small duct tape

Rain cape, gloves

Spare glasses

Water bottle

Plastic rain bags


Camera Bag, for plane carry-on

Passport, GEOS

Two Leica w/ 28 & 90 mm lenses,

dLux camera & batteries & 2 chargers, head phones,

10 SD cards, Cleaning cloth

Water proof bags for mac and cameras, cleaning cloth

telephone, charge cord-USB, bike USB, Compass

MacBookAir, Harddrive BU, HDMI cord, SD card reader, charger,

SD: music, Intl phone charger & elect extension

Plastic bike pins to give people



1 undie

1 short

1 sock pr

1 shoe pr

1 t-shirt

1  shirt, long sleeve

1 handkerchief

1 silk tights


We found a wonderful Bicycle shop, Warlands in Cambridge (where we knew we ending our journey) through the Internet. Upon arrival in the UK, we shipped our Brompton bags to them for keeping.  They were so helpful in letting us prearrange this before we flew!

Questions, Please ask Z