Monday, July 22, 2002

Motor Bikers in disbelief that anyone would ride a bike.

Bicylcist in disbelief that anyone would pressure cook a dog

 & wondering if Captn Clark preferred lite or dark dogs.

 The Cougar Canyon Rest Stop had a whole album

of pics of the Weiner mobile just waiting for me to look at it . I miss a chance encounter by about 2 years.

The heat makes the ponderosa pines mint the air with their fragrance. The cottontails seems so midwestern but a reminder of what a contrast this country is: rushing water, dried out basalt, withering quick seasonal flowers, rapids coming & going do to the amount of snowfall. A land of extremes side by side.

Friendly Americans and happy to be rolling down the river. They are part of a group which are fully supported. They rode 80+ miles from Lowell to Kooskia.

Had a bottle of Gatorade with "Aunt Ruthie" who is 92 and guardian of the Hummingbird Haven. She says there aren't as many as there used to be.

Cowboys and Indians: 1950???

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