72km.org                   @ Seattle WA USA

Seattle, Washington 2018

Dull Dreary Drippy train ride

Lovely to see

bi-Directional bike lanes

The Rule of Threes...everywhere there are Bike Share but only in groups of three. Occasionally a bike is prostrate on the ground all by itself...but most are in triplets ~in some kind of co-dependence state of being due to dock lessness.

Below: rule of two 3s with an outcast knocked to the ground.

Above and Left:

Sticky gum Ghost Street near Pike Market

Below: tattoo temptation

Friday to Bainbridge Island for a 26 mile bicycle Ride.

When the Rule of Three Bicycle have been bad, are ill, are victims of neglect ~ they get hauled away to the Farm.  Caretaker says: they only cost 25 dollars apiece. My job is secure as it is a billion dollar company. This job is better than hauling furniture....