Weldon Wagon Trail in Washington state

near White Salmon River and the Columbia River Gorge

Thanksgiving 2018 : Leaving Parkdale with new snowfall.

Hiking with Robin, Martine, and Otto

Below: angle of repose

After the hike, we trundled off to White Salmon River and then back to Hood River for a stop at Ferment Brewery.

Black and Tan, above....may not be advisable to order this with your Irish friends...be sensitive!

Below curious data. We all hiked the hike with our little iphones and yet the data tells each owners unique statistics


Walker 1  4.6 miles    47 floors climbed     11, 664 steps

walker 2   4.7 miles    11 floors climbed     10,969 steps

walker 3   4.2 miles    58 floors climbed     11, 012 steps

walker 4   5.1 miles    41 floors climbed     11,010 steps

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