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The plane from Portland arrives in DC near 530 pm and today the sun was setting glowing. The normal bike access to the Potomac Bike trail is out the baggage claim door, turn right, go past three buildings and enter the trail with planes directly over head landing!

But today the access was gated. Had to take a ramp to I-395 without knowing if it would allow entrance to the trail. And yes with a qualification...once the overhead bicycle-pedestrian ramp (from somewhere that I have not explored) comes down to earth, one can get off the ramp before entering the 60 mile an hour traffic and cross mild berm and catch the trail. The trail goes north with the Washington Monument always a visual compass point. 6 miles to the hotel I chose. Lovely ride, about 28 degrees, with wind in the face none too terrible or artic feeling.



The White House is dark. No one at home. Metaphor for our present occupant or just reality perhaps.

A Couple of City portraits

A terrific Way to See DC:

Night Dark DC Ride

led by Jeff Miller of

We were a group of ten or so heading out around the Capitol and the Mall.

A brisk low or middle thirty degrees was the temp...Jeff handed out lights and offered gloves and hats.

Off we went south to the Capitol Hill...

Left: the Canadian Embassy: Demothenese enhanced acoustics allow one to whisper and be heard by all those under the concrete umbrella.

Jeff informing us of many stories with each buiilding, each intersection.

The new African American Museum. Timed entrance tickets are available in the future by several months. You can sign up on line at 630 in the morning for same day tickets. (March 2017)

Hot Chocolate Break









Left: Lincoln Memorial


Below: addition to the Vietnam Memorial below. (we missed seeing the other group of women soldiers

for the Vietnam Memorial this trip.

Above: Small aspect of the World War Two Memorial

Linin' track with Bikes on Amtrak

Scenes around town                   @ Washington DC USA

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